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Who we are

Our Vision

With many years' experience with computer hardware and gaming technology, we have both the knowledge and passion to deliver the finest in home retro gaming consoles and accessories, using only the finest components sourced from US & China, lovingly assembled and tested by hand before they make their way to you.

Our Mission

Our portable yet compact consoles take the greatest games of the past, including undisputed classics and forgotten gems, and couple them with the best hardware, using professional components such as arcade sticks and buttons, HDMI and stereo out for connection to your big-screen TV and/or surround-sound system to provide you with that classic arcade experience right in your home.

What Customer Say About Us

Amazing. Worked perfectly out of the box. Emulators work great, Kodi is awesome, the controllers I got are great too. All in all, definitely worth the price considering it is already set up and ready to go. And the customer support is the best, any question I had they always had an answer, and they will always get back to you so fast.


I don't usually leave feedback, but this kit was just so over the top that I had to say something.  The presentation and quality was absolutely outstanding, a very nice piece of kit and of good value. I will keep you in mind for any future purchases.


These systems are the best thing ever for your retro game fix. Simple to use and great for taking round your mates house for a laugh. Happy days!



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