Raspberry Pi 3 Console Emulation Kit PC 16.000 Games

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Product Description

Raspberry Pi 3 Console Emulation Kit PC & Gaming System


Raspberry Pi 3 Emulator

Relive the hours of glory with this amazing Raspberry Pi 3 Emulator! But also the success of Pocket and GameBoy, Lynx, and even the GameGear with up to 10.000 games. You can sit back and play a game, watch a movie, or browse the web. All from the comfort of your sofa!

Our systems arrive fully assembled and ready to play. No need to worry about setup or configuration! Simply plug everything in and you'll be playing in minutes!


PLEASE NOTE: No copyright material is included as part of the SALE of this item. Price is for HARDWARE ONLY. All included software is freely available on the internet and is included at NO CHARGE (no software or ROMs are installed until the customer turns on the device).



  • Raspberry Pi 3B+ with heatsinks installed - no overheating while playing your favorite games!
  • 24 arcade systems in one and over 10.000 games (See Systems Below).
  • Watch your favorite movies and television shows with our Media Center Software and KODI (latest version)
  • Save/Load game at any time!
  • 2 x High-Quality SNES controllers - gives you that true retro feeling
  • 2x High-Quality Playstation Style Wireless Controllers - give you that flexibility to play from your sofa!
  • Mini Wifi Keyboard - for the media center and PixelOS
  • Fastest 100 MB/s 128GB SD Card - fast loads and plenty of storage space for all your games and media
  • Compatible with multiple controllers; Xbox, PlayStation etc. (some configuration required)
  • Excellent Passive Heatsink Cooling  - No need to worry about overheating during those intense gaming sessions!



    • 6ft HDMI cable for high definition stunning images
    • Power Supply with on/off switch 5V 2A power lead
    • Built-in Wifi and Bluetooth
    • 100 MB/s 128GB SD Card
    • RetroPie 4.4 (latest version updated for Raspberry Pi 3B+)
    • Heatsinks Included
    • 30-day Returns & 1-Year Warranty
    • US Free Shipping within 3-5 business days 


    PEACE OF MIND! Our systems arrive fully assembled and ready to play. No need to worry about setup or configuration! 


    Systems Included (please note that only with the 128GB card would be able to load all the systems)

    • Amstrad CPC | 357 Games
    • Atari 2600 | 653 Games
    • Atari 7800 | 59 Games
    • Atari Lynx | 76 Games
    • Capcom (Playsystem 1, 2, 3) | 93 Games
    • ColecoVision | 140 Games
    • Commodore 64 | 2229 Games
    • Final Burn Alpha | 45 Games
    • Intellivision | 120 Games
    • Magnavox Odyssey² / Videopac | 70 Games
    • MAME | 1637 Games
    • MSX | 505 Games
    • Neo-Geo | 142 Games
    • Neo-Geo Pocket | 9 Games
    • Neo-Geo Pocket Color | 40 Games
    • Famicom | 385 Games
    • Famicom Disk System | 68 Games
    • Sega MasterSystem | 344 Games
    • Sega Genesis | 941 Games
    • Sega CD | 15 Games
    • Sega 32X | 33 Games
    • Sega Game Gear | 335 Games
    • SG-1000 | 74 Games
    • Sharp X68000 | 276 Games
    • Sinclair ZX Spectrum | 463 Games
    • PS | 122 Games
    • PSP | 10 Games
    • PSP Min. | 84 Games
    • SuperGrafx | 5 Games
    • TurboGrafx 16 | 94 Games
    • TurboGrafx 16 CD | 46 Games
    • Vectrex | 15 Games
    • WonderSwan | 110 Games
    • WonderSwan Color | 91 Games
    • And more!


        Disclaimer: We went through and tested every emulator to see what works, what doesn't, and how to get as much as we could to work. Not everything here works, but this is how it is with every gaming Raspberry Pi setup. See the list below for every console and the game count.


        PLEASE NOTE: Please check your state/federal copyright regulations to ensure compliance. If you do not have the legal right to possess the included software/games you must delete them from your system. Retro Gaming House is not responsible for your failure to do so. Due to the nature of emulation, not all games/systems run perfectly. The N64 (and others) can run choppy (or not at all). Retro Gaming House cannot guarantee that all games will run perfectly, but most of them do.


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        Beautiful Graphics Interface

        1000's of media selections with Kodi Add-On!

        We have configured your Kodi Media Center to be ready for you to add the latest add-ons!

        SN: #3016


        Q: What is RetroPie?
        A: Using the latest technology we create a single credit-card size console which allows you to play all your favorite childhood classics with up to four players, from one easy to use, plug-and-play device. Our devices are manufactured using the highest quality parts and accessories.

        Q: How does the console connect?
        A: The console connects to any HD TV/monitor via the supplied HDMI cable, making it easy to set-up anywhere in the home, or take to social events and parties. All orders will receive the correct power lead (EU, UK, US or AU).

        Q: How does the console look and sound?
        A: The console will look and sound exactly how the originals did. Gameplay will be perfectly smooth on all systems and upscale to the correct size depending on the TV.
        **Please note a few N64 games can suffer from stutters, even on an overclocked device**

        Q: Can games be saved and loaded like the originals?
        A: Yes games can be saved exactly like the originals. Furthermore, you can save and load any game at any time using the save/load state feature. There are 30+ slots you can use for multiple saves on different games.

        Q: What version of software do you use?
        A: We always use the most up-to-date version of RetroPie, and where possible will use the latest verified version of ROMs (games) in the English language. The majority of our game titles are unique and we don't bulk up our games list by adding multiple versions/languages of the same game! Beware of sellers who do, as their 18,000 games may be closer to 6,000 when you discount all duplicates!

        **To avoid copyright and licensing issues no software or ROMs are installed until the customer turns on the device - no internet connection needed**

        **Although Kodi is supplied with full legal and official add-ons. As we ship worldwide and laws can vary from country to country, we encourage customers to check their laws & regulations in regards to emulation and streaming, when using such features on one of our devices, and we cannot be responsible for any unlawful misuse of the device once it reaches the customer.

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