Odroid XU4 Emulation Game System 200GB - 45,000 Games

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Product Description

Odroid XU4 Emulation Game System 200GB - 45,000 Games


When it comes to real-world performance, the Odroid XU4 Emulation Game System blows the Pi 3 B+ out of the water. For applications like retro gaming emulation, the Odroid XU4 handles Sega Dreamcast, and Sony PlayStation titles far better than the Pi 3 B+. The Pi 3 B+ it’s essentially an overclocked version which can, of course, be further overclocked. However, this fails to compete with the Odroid XU4’s octa-core processing power.


This is the most powerful Odroid XU4 System you will find! It comes with a 200GB card full of games!


Our own custom-made software features overlays and menus that are simple to use contain box art and game descriptions where available! The front LCD screen will show you the logo of the system you are currently playing.


Just plug the device into the HDTV and It's ready to go!


PLEASE NOTE: No copyright material is included as part of the SALE of this item. Price is for HARDWARE ONLY. All included software is freely available on the internet and is included at NO CHARGE (no software or ROMs are installed until the customer turns on the device).


Odroid XU4 Emulation Game System Benefits:

  • The Fastest 100 MB/s 200GB SD Card - No Worries For Additional Space!
  • Ventilated Mini-N64 Case + Cooling Fan & LCD screen - No Need To Worry About Overheating During
  • Those Intense Gaming Sessions!
  • Custom Made Software - Beautiful Overlays & Menus That Are Easy To Use!
  • Kodi Compatible - TV & Film Streaming From Your Sofa!
  • Front LCD screen - Showing The Logo Of The System You Are Playing.
  • PEACE OF MIND! - All Our Systems Come Ready To Go!


System Information:

  • N64 Case With Cooling Fans
  • 2 x High-Quality Wired Pads (3X AAA Batteries Required)
  • High-quality 5V 2A US power lead
  • 30-day Returns
  • Free US Shipping within 5-6 business days (depending on your location)




Systems & Games Included:

Panasonic 3DO - 5
Amiga - 1591
Amstrad CPC - 3277
Apple II - 2148
Arcade/MAME Games - 2187
Atari 2600 - 650
Atari 5200 - 81
Atari 7800 - 58
Atari 8-Bit - 5678
Atari Jaguar - 64
Atari Lynx - 76
Atari ST - 407
Atomiswave - 19
Commodore 64 - 17213
ColecoVision - 116
Dreamcast - 12
Famicom - 982
Final Burn Alpha - 3161
Game & Watch Collecion - 54
GameGear - 253
GameBoy - 584
GameBoy Advance - 1062
GameBoy Color - 535
Genesis - 993
Intellivision - 235
MSX - 439
MSX 2 - 83
Nintendo 64 - 309
Naomi GD-ROM System - 57
Nintendo DS - 106
NeoGeo - 268
Nintendo NES - 1060
NeoGeo Pocket - 9
NeoGeo Pocket Color - 40
Odyssey 2 - 52
PC Engine CD-ROM - 10
PC Engine - 274
PC-FX - 9
Ports - 17
PSP - 17
PSP Minis - 250
Playstation - 23
ScummVM - 53
Sega 32X - 33
Sega CD - 9
Sega Master System - 263
Sega MegaDrive Japan - 179
Sega Saturn - 26
Sega SG-1000 - 208
Sharp X1 - 17
Sharp X68000 - 387
Sinclair ZX Spectrum - 1113
Super Famicom - 363
Super Nintendo SNES - 852
Super Grafx - 5
TurboGrafx CD - 5
TurboGrafx16 - 92
Vectrex - 23
Virtual Boy - 24
WonderSwan - 105
WonderSwan Color - 84

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