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Odroid XU4 Retro Gaming System 1TB HDD Dreamcast, Playstation - 25K

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Odroid XU4 Retro Gaming System 1TB HDD 25K

When it comes to real-world performance, the Odroid XU4 Emulation Game System blows the Pi 3 B+ out of the water. For applications like retro gaming emulation, the Odroid XU4 handles Sega Dreamcast, and Sony PlayStation titles far better than the Pi 3 B+. The Pi 3 B+ it’s essentially an overclocked version that can, of course, be further overclocked. However, this fails to compete with the Odroid XU4’s octa-core processing power.

This is the most powerful Odroid XU4 System you will find! It comes with a 1TB HDD and a 256GB SD Card full of fun!

Our own custom-made software features overlays and menus that are simple to use contain box art and game descriptions where available! The front LCD screen will show you the logo of the system you are currently playing.

Just plug the device into the HDTV and It's ready to go!


Odroid XU4 Emulation Game System Benefits:

  • Supports 36 Systems & 25,000 Games
  • The Fastest 100 MB/s 16GB SD Card - No Worries For Additional Space!
  • Ventilated Mini-N64 Case + Cooling Fan & LCD screen - No Need To Worry About Overheating During Those Intense Gaming Sessions!
  • Custom Made Software - Beautiful Overlays & Menus That Are Easy To Use!
  • Official 5V 6AMP US power lead
  • Ventilated Mini N64 Case + Cooling Fan & Front LCD screen - Showing The Logo Of The System You Are Playing.
  • 2X Highest Quality Controllers
  • PEACE OF MIND! - All Our Systems Come Ready To Go!
  • 30 Day Returns - 1 Year Warranty 

System Information:

  • N64 Case With Cooling Fans
  • 1x Gigabit Ethernet port
  • 2 x High-Quality Controllers (wired or wireless)
  • High-quality 5V 6AMP US power lead

    Your system will come with:

    • Odroid XU4 Micro Computer Board in OGST case
    • Fan & Heatsink Installed
    • Fully Loaded SD Card, all set up and ready to power on and play
    • (Upgrade to the 1TB HDD and store more games!!!)
    • Controllers (If Selected)
    • HDMI and Power Cord
    • (Now comes with 6 amp power supply)
    • Instruction Guide

      Please check our full raspberry pi collection HERE:






      PLEASE NOTE: No copyrighted material is included as part of the SALE of this item. Price is for HARDWARE ONLY. All included software is freely available on the internet and is included at NO CHARGE (no software or ROMs are installed until the customer turns on the device).


      Systems Included:

      Atari 2600 | 667 Games

      Atari 7800 | 77 Games

      Atari Lynx | 76 Games

      Famicom | 385 Games

      Famicom Disk System | 91 Games

      MAME | 2,504 Games

      Neo Geo | 142 Games

      Neo Geo Pocket | 9 Games

      Neo Geo Pocket Color | 40 Games

      Nintendo 64 | 320 Games

      Nintendo Entertainment System | 897 Games

      Nintendo Game Boy | 860 Games

      Nintendo Game Boy Advance | 1,051 Games

      Nintendo Game Boy Color | 532 Games

      Nintendo Super Famicom | 556 Games

      PC Engine | 288 Games

      Sega 32X | 33 Games

      Sega GameGear | 334 Games

      Sega Genesis | 940 Games

      Sega Master System | 335 Games

      Sega SG-1000 | 79 Games

      Sony PSP | 294 Games

      Super Nintendo Entertainment System | 785 Games

      Turbo Grafx 16 | 94 Games

      Virtual Boy | 24 Games

      Wonder Swan | 110 Games

      Wonder Swan Color | 91 Games

      Nintendo DS | 597 Games

      Panasonic 3DO | 130 Games

      Sega CD | 83 Games

      Colecovision | 157 Games

      Mattel Intellivision | 141 Games

      Turbo Grafx CD | 46 Games

      ***The 1TB HDD adds:***

      Sony Playstation | 373 Games

      Sega Saturn | 300 Games

      Sega Dreamcast | 243 Games

      Game content is subject to change as I am constantly making improvements to these systems.

      All included software is freely available on the internet and IS INCLUDED with this purchase FREE of charge! No downloading or setup required!


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      Odroid XU4 Retro Gaming System 1TB HDD Dreamcast, Playstation - 25K



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